A Two-Wheeled Journey from Alaska to Argentina to Fight Diabetes
On July 26, 2005, Brooks Allen & Gregg Bleakney embarked on a 19,500 mile bicycle journey from Prudhoe Bay (the most northern road accessible point in Alaska) to Tierra del Fuego, the southern most tip of Argentina. Their goal is to raise $50,001 to help fight Diabetes. You can donate today.
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If you're just tuning in or would like to learn more about Gregg and Brook's Ribbon of Road adventure, you can read all about it in this Seattle Times article.

Ribbon of Road--the Book!
Rich Clarkson and Associates has generously offered to package a coffee table book of Gregg's short stories and photography along the Ribbon Of Road. Rich is the former the head of photography for National Geographic Magazine and the team he's hooked Gregg up with for this project are truly amazing! Check out Gregg's blog to check'in on the book's status.
Gregg's personal blog'
Rich Clarkson's website

Ribbon Of Road selected "Best Of Seattle"
Good news from this month's Seattle Magazine. They've picked Ribbon Of Road for their "Best Of The Year" issue under the category of "Best Good Deeds". Check it out at the Seattle Magazine web site.
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Photographic Prints From the Tour Now Available
There's been a lot of inquiries for large format prints from the Gallery. Now it's easy get a hold of em'. A percentage of proceeds from the prints will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.
Prints from the Ribbon Of Road Gallery

Ribbon Of Road – The Final Chapter
Wednesday, September 27, 2007
"I was the last passenger to cross the frozen tarmac between the terminal and my Boeing 737 heading north to Buenos Aires. A few steps before reaching the boarding ramp an awkward chill tingled its way up my spine. With the exception of my bridge between Central and South America, this would be the first time in my 18,500-mile route that I would travel over the earth’s surface without smelling its season, squinting at its horizon, or feeling the burn of its hard landscapes in my hamstrings. How could I have forgot the most important thank you of my entire journey? I turned to face the new quarter moon that illuminated the pampas along the airport runway, tipped off my Chilean gaucho hat, and bowed deeply to our planet. I thanked it for demonstrating its magic time and time again, for granting me and Geoduck safe passage across its latitudes, and for teaching me that, when you truly surrender yourself to your dreams, nothing is impossible. What an amazing world we live in, I wish it could stay this way forever.

This has truly been a surreal journey, thank you for sharing it with me!"


gregg@ribbonofroad.com     read more

Stage 3, Part 7 - Puerto Montt, Chile to El Chalten, Argentina
Monday, April 23, 2007
In Stage 3, Part 7, Gregg cycled the length of Chile´s Carretera Austral or Southern Highway. For 800 miles, he bounced along it´s rough dirt surface, passing through pristine national parks, remote villages, fishing ports, and castle-shaped mountain ranges. He navigated across the region´s fjords, islands and lakes through a series of six public and private boats. After reaching the end of the road in Villa O´Higgin´s, Chile, he pushed his bike into Argentina over a mountain pass on a horse trail. The stage ended in El Chalten, Argentina, a frothy micro-brew slurping haven and base camp for trekking in Glaciers National Park, the icon of Patagonia. read more

Stage 3, Part 6 - Salta, Argentina to Puerto Montt, Chile
Wednesday, March 21
In Stage 3, Part 6, Gregg experienced some serious downtime in Salta, Argentina after losing his credit cards. He traded Brooks in for his delinquent friend from college, Steve Gross, who was again traded for another wino buddy from San Francisco, Sr. Rodly. In the midst of spending time with his crew from back home, he also managed to cycle some 2,140 miles south through Argentina's wine country, lake district, and then crossed the Andes one more time to Puerto Montt, Chile where he smelled the sweet salty air of the Pacific Ocean and pedaled at sea level for the first time in over 8 months. read more

Stage 3, Part 5 - La Paz, Bolivia to Salta, Argentina
Tuesday, February 06
"In La Paz, Brooks and I had teamed up with Jamon, the Frenchman. We enjoyed each other's company during the last stage and decided to continue together across the smooth-sealed surface of the Bolivian Alti-Plano from La Paz to Uyuni. From there, we would make preparations for a 3-day crossing of the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt pan in the world and then push on 11-days through the Sur Lipez desert, a lonely and forgotten corner of the frontier between Bolivia and Chile..." read more

Keep on Keepin' on:
Current Fundraising Total: $41,170
Total Miles: 16,055.7 miles
Flat Tires: Gregg 16

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Join two ordinary guys on an extraordinary journey
We ride to chase our dream of helping others in need. Through our self-funded journey from Prudhoe Bay to Tierra del Fuego, we hope to raise $50,001 for the fight against diabetes. And we need your help.

We invite you to join us by following our progress on this website and by contributing to Ribbon Of Road or the American Diabetes Association.

What is Ribbon Of Road?
What began as two longtime friends seeking something outside their 9-5 jobs has become a non-profit organization established to raise money for charitable causes. This Pan American route is our inaugural journey, one of what we hope will be many more.